Troop 947 provides the community with a program for boys that influences the development of good character, encourages spiritual growth, develops a high degree of self-reliance, and prepares them to participate in and give leadership to American society.

We focus on a well rounded program led by the boys within the troop. Adult leadership provides the troop with guidance and support in a way that allows the boys to take ownership and grow with the benefit of a solid safety net beneath them.


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The Kroger Community Rewards Program is an easy way for you to support your Scout.  By linking your Kroger Plus card to the Kroger Community Rewards program, every time you shop at Kroger, you’ll be putting money into your Scout’s account.  The troop receives quarterly checks from Kroger, amount varies depending on how much we spend at Kroger compared to other participating organizations, and all of the money goes directly back to the Scouts.

1.  Enroll/re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program

a. Create an account on
b. Go to and sign in
c. Enter “Boy Scout Troop 947” or our assigned Organization Number “81326” and then click Save Changes
d. Send me an email telling me when you enrolled or re-enrolled, and please give me your Kroger Plus Card number.  You must send me an email in order that your Scout be put on the list to receive money into his troop account from the Kroger money.
e. You’ll know you’re enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program when the following note appears at the bottom of your Kroger receipts: “You requested Kroger to donate to Boy Scout Troop 947”.

2. Report your Quarterly Community Rewards Contribution when requested, i.e., after we receive the Kroger check, an email will be sent requesting the amount of your contribution.

a. Sign into your online account at to see what your Quarterly Community Rewards Contribution is.  Once logged into your Kroger account, click on My Account, then click on Account settings.  In the lower right corner you should see Community Rewards, it should look something like this:

Community Rewards
Organization Name: Boy Scout Troop 947
Organization No.: 81326
Enrollment Date: xx/xx/2014
Last Quarter Kroger Donation: $xx.xx

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