2011 – Information Renewal Night


Annual Motor Vehicle Information
Annual Permission Slip
bsa annual health medical form

One parent from each family is asked to attend.


  • Simplify the paperwork required for scout outings over the course of a year.
  • Improve the emergency and medical information available to the troop, applicable to scouts and adult volunteers.
  • Ensure all adults attending a troop outing have completed Youth Protection Training.
  • Save a few trees.




What we’ll do at the Annual Information Renewal Night

One parent from each scout family is asked to attend the regular troop meeting on February 16 th .  Bring:

  • Copy of scout medical/insurance card
  • Emergency contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers)
  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with parts A and B completed.  Note:  No physician signature required.

During the meeting the parent will complete and/or turn-in:

    • Annual permission slip, covering troop outings from Mar. 2011 through Feb. 2012 thereby eliminating the need for a permission slip for every event.
    • The BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with parts A and B completed.  This means:

o The troop has more recent medical/health information for each scout as we normally only receive this for summer camp/high adventure.

o The troop has a copy of the scout’s 2011 medical card.

  • Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Benadryl permission forms, optional but allowing your scout to receive these medications if needed at a troop outing.
  • One of the troop’s outdoor chairpersons will review the forms for completeness during the same meeting.  While the forms will be made available in advance for parents who prefer to complete them at home these parents are still requested to attend the meeting so all questions about the forms can be resolved the same evening.

New Process for Scout Outings

The roster for each scout outing will be available at the meeting prior to the outing and at check-in for the outing.  A parent will:

  • Sign the roster
  • Provide a contact number for the duration of the outing
  • Provide any updates to scout’s health/medical information

Other Paperwork over the Course of the Year

The process and forms described above cover all paperwork required by the troop.   Scouts will still need a BSA Health and Medical record signed by a physician for summer camp.  Those scouts traveling to Philmont in July will also require the Philmont medical form.  Other forms may be required based on the outing.  For example, a release form for Morgan’s Canoeing is required for our August camp-out.


Each adult volunteer is also requested to attend the regular troop meeting on February 16th.   An adult volunteer is any person who will transport scouts to/from an outing or attend an outing.  They must bring:

    • Car/insurance information
      Required for any adult who may drive a scout to/from an event that exceeds the boundaries of our local council, thereby requiring the troop to have a tour permit.  If you are not sure if you’ll drive to/from an event, please “lean forward” and provide the information now.
    • Information required:  Driver’s license number, year and make of vehicle (each vehicle), liability limit for each person and each accident, property damage limit for each accident.
      • Certificate indicating completion of Youth Protection Training
        o Required for any adult who may attend an event over the course of the year.
        o This is an annual requirement.  It’s easiest if everyone takes the training now and turns in the paperwork.  It is completed online and takes no more than 20 minutes.
        o You do not need to be an adult registered with the troop to complete the training.  Use the link that follows.  You will need to create an account and print out the resulting certificate if you are not an adult registered with the troop.  link
      • Annual Medical Form
        o Required for any adult who may attend an event over the course of a year.  Note:  Not required for persons driving.
        o Like the scouts, this will provide the troop up-to-date medical information along with a copy of your 2011 medical card.  Parts A and B are requested.  No physician signature is required unless attending summer camp or high adventure.

Please direct all questions to Linda Weiss (887-1990).   Again, it’s our intent to simply the paperwork required over the course of the year and to ensure we have up-to-date information for every person who attends a scout event.


Linda Weiss