2011 Philmont

Philmont Scout Ranch – 2011

Congratulations to all crew members who successfully completed our 2011 High Adventure trip to Philmont this summer!

The Dan Beard Council website says:

“The Philmont experience is unlike any other offered by BSA.  Revered among Scouts as being the “ultimate” Scouting adventure, Philmont promises breathtaking scenery, personal challenges and many team building experiences.  It is considered by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the epitome of scouting adventures. “

Next Meeting

March – Individual Crew Meetings

(Steve’s email from Feb. 23rd)
Much of the pre-planning (i.e. transportation, reservations, payments etc) has been completed. The crew leaders will soon be briefed on their responsibilities. Their roles will continue to grow as we approach our treks. In the upcoming days, you will be contacted in order to arrange a crew meeting where you will decide your top 5 trek preferences. Other items will also be discussed at your crew meeting.

I’m excited about the solid selection of boys we have in our crews.

Here’s to a great trip!


Feb. Planning Meeting

February 16th 6-7pm before Troop meeting at LOL for all attendees of 2011 trek. Parents are encouraged & welcome. It is not possible for me to send out all of the things that are talked about and covered in these meetings; so please make them whenever possible so that you are best prepared.  Will give update of planning to date, future training, crew planning

For more information please contact Steve Turner (513) 324-6951 or
Dave Nelson
(513) 779-7447.

Payment Schedule

Dec 1 $100/ea
Dec 15 $400/ea
Jan 26 $400/ea
Feb 23 $400/ea
March 23 $200/ea

Medical Forms

BSA has created an Annual Health & Medical record (i.e. physical exam sheet) that has been condensed to include the standard BSA Annual Health & Medical form (traditionally required for summer camp) with the other three Annual Health & Medical Forms of the “High Adventure Bases” (Philmont, Seabase, & Northern Tier). This form is broken into sections A & B, C, & D. These forms need to be done every 12 months.

PART A&B: By the book, all of our scouts should have this filled out by their parents or guardian each year to cover all of our activities, summer camp or not.

PART C: Is to be completed and signed by a certified and licensed health-care provider—physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. This is required for both summer camp & High Adventure Base Trips (Philmont, Seabase & Northern Tier).

PART D: Is required to be reviewed by all participants of a High-Adventure program at one of the National High Adventure bases and shared with the examining health-care provider before completing Part C. There is also a form starting on page 11 called a “Padi form” that only needs to be filled out if you are going on a scuba based trip at Seabase.

Philmont Health & Medical Record-2011.pdf

Training Schedule

Philmont 2011 Training schedule and gear list

Wilderness First Aid Training for Adult Leaders Planning to go to Philmont

Cincinnati Red Cross offers a two day class (8 hrs each) at the Dana Rd. location that would satisfy Philmont’s requirement for training.  We would need two adults for each crew to finish these classes before we go to Philmont.  The dates for the classes are Jan 15-16, Feb 26-27 and March 19-20.  The fee for the class is $80.00.  Please talk with Steve Turner or Dan Weiss with your choice to see if we can pick a date.

For more information please contact Dan Wiess.