2012 – Marengo Cave Trip

2010 Marango Cave Trip

The weekend of April 20 to the 22nd we will return to Marengo Cave!  This is one of our troops favorite trips.  We will go into the cave on Saturday and take three tours, two dry and one wet.  Bring old clothes and shoes because we will get wet and muddy in the cave.

The troop will meet at Lord of Life Church Friday evening at 5:30 and we will depart promptly at 5:45.  The boys should have dinner before they arrive at the church.

Caving Tips

No gear, no problem.

Helmets, LED headlamps, secondary lighting… Marengo will provide your group with this gear. Plus, you can take your LED headlamps home after the trip.

The average temperature in Indiana caves is between 52 and 55 degrees. Caves are often wet and slippery. In addition, rock strewn floors can make walking difficult. Suitable clothing and footwear will help make your caving experience a pleasant one. You will get wet & dirty on the trips (excluding the walking tour). Do not wear new, important or expensive items on the non walking tours. If you would do all of the planned adventures we have scheduled, 2 of the three are wet, muddy & crawling, & one is a walking tour that is relatively wet free & mud free as it has been described to me. Total cost is around $45 plus food.

Must have:

Must have Marengo release

Cave Exploring (not including walk tour):

Old clothes and shoes

Wear proper clothing to prevent hypothermia. Long pants and a long sleeved shirt are best.

Two layers of old warm clothes – polypropylene or wool are warmer when wet.

If you wear glasses, make sure they are secured. Leave sunglasses in at camp.

Gloves and kneepads are very helpful.

Old sturdy boots would provide better support and traction than gym shoes if an option.

After the trek:

Large, heavy-duty trash bags THAT ARE LABELED WITH THE SCOUT’S NAME for muddy clothes & boots after trek.

Personal shower items. They have hot indoor showers available to us.

A towel

all shoes, gear & clothes that you would normally bring on a camping trip in addition to the caving clothes.

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