2012 – Merit Badge Challenge

Merit Badge Challenge (MBC) is an inexpensive, convenient option for your scout(s) to complete up to three merit badges.  MBC takes place on three Saturday mornings in early 2012:  Jan. 21 – 8:15am-12:45pm, Feb. 4 – 8:30am-12:45pm, and Feb.18 – 8:30am-1:00pm.  In the event of snow preventing travel on one of those dates, the makeup date is scheduled for March 24.  Your scout(s) must be present on all three Saturdays in order to complete their merit badges.  However, being present is not the only requirement!  There is also prework that must be completed prior to the start of Merit Badge Challenge.  The instructions provided in the recent email from Mr. Weiss are copied at the bottom of this email for your convenience.  Carefully read item #7 in that list.  The registration packet contains the list of merit badges offered and the required prework, additional fees, and/or age requirement that might be applicable for each.  Please note that not all merit badges are offered at all locations – the last four pages of the registration packet contain the available locations and sessions for each merit badge.  I’m sure all of the information in the registration packet will seem overwhelming and/or confusing to some of you – it was for me last year.  Please feel free to contact me or Mr. Weiss or any of the other adults that have been through it before with any questions that you have.

Here is a list of recommendations that I came up with after my experience last year:

1.   Don’t let your scout choose their merit badges based on what “sounds cool” – look at the prework and the requirements with them

2.   Choose merit badges that are not typically offered at summer camps

3.   Choose as many Eagle required merit badges as you are allowed – one for younger scouts, two for older scouts

4.   Look closely at the prework required – I know of at least 2 merit badges (Family Life & Personal Management) that have prework that takes 90 days to complete!  Yes, I know there are less than 90 days before the start of MBC – as long as you finish the prework before the third Saturday, you are good.  Don’t wait!


As promised, the following is the list of instructions again, as previously sent by Mr. Weiss.

1.      Go to danbeard.org to bring up the Council Home page.

2.      Click the second menu from the left, on top, Youth.

3.      Choose Advancement under it (the third menu item).

4.      New menus now across the top, choose the seventh , Merit Badge Program.

5.      Choose Merit Badge Challenge under it (the second menu item)

6.      Three of the four sites are “active” now (orange).  Click on our Fairfield link.

7.      Scroll down a bit . . . Registration Packet (Prework [31 pages]and other information) are on the bottom.  Note there are 66 merit badges offered but only 50 of these at our FFHS site.  Carefully read session times, prework and age recommendations.

8.      Complete a Registration Form after consulting with your Scout leaders and mail it in with your payment OR click the link immediately below the Form to register electronically.

Yours In Scouting,

Tom Moore