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    We meet in the parking lot where the old Union Elementary school was, across from the Post Office on Cin-Day.  We end at the cemetery on West Chester Rd, where there is a ceremony.

    May 29th - May, 29th (Monday - Monday)
    Memorial Day Parade
    Memorial Day Parade
    8735 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
    West Chester
    June 4th - June, 10th (Sunday - Saturday)
    Ransburg Summer Camp
    Ransburg Scout Reservation
    7599 Waldrip Creek Rd
    Bloomington, IN
    June 18th - June, 24th (Sunday - Saturday)
    Friedlander Summer Camp
    Camp Friedlander
    581 Ibold Rd
    Loveland, OH
    June 25th - July, 1th (Sunday - Saturday)
    Summit High Adventure
    Summit High Adventure
    Christen High Adventure Base
    Glen Jean

    We carry the flag in front of this parade, and we are invited to stay for shave ice, cookout, and swimming

    July 1st - July, 1st (Saturday - Saturday)
    Independence Day Parade
    Independence Day Parade
    Foxborough Subdivision
    West Chester
    July 14th - July, 23th (Friday - Sunday)
    Northern Tier High Adventure
    Northern Tier High Adventure
    Northern Tier

    Lots of fun for the whole family – parents and siblings are encouraged to attend

    August 18th - August, 20th (Friday - Sunday)
    Family Canoeing Campout
    Family Canoeing Campout
    Morgans Ohio

    End of summer cookout and court of honor – bring the whole family!

    August 27th - August, 27th (Sunday - Sunday)
    Family Cookout Court of Honor
    Family Cookout Court of Honor
    Lord of Life
    West Chester

    We are camping at a Christian/Lutheran camp and retreat center for the weekend, and we will be touring the historic prison in Mansfield that was in the movie Shawshank Redemption.  The camp has lots of summer camp like activities and open field for games.

    September 15th - September, 17th (Friday - Sunday)
    Prison Tour Campout
    Prison Tour Campout
    Camp Mowana
    October 6th - October, 8th (Friday - Sunday)
    Webelos Woods
    Webelos Woods Campout
    Twin Creek Camp Hook