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    This is our annual campout where parents and siblings are encouraged to come and see what scouting is all about. We will be in a group campsite at Hueston Woods. There are tons of activities available – boating, fishing, biking, hiking, etc. Feel free to plan to bring supplies with you for whatever activities you choose. Signups for scouts are as usual. Signups for family members should not include the scout in the total number. Everyone must signup on the signup sheet. Family food will be handled by troop adults. Scouts will still tent and cook with scouts like the typical campouts. Families are encouraged to bring your own tent if you have one, but you can use a troop tent if you don’t have one.

    August 19th - August, 21th (Friday - Sunday)
    Family Campout
    Hueston Woods State Park
    5201 Lodge Rd,
    College Corner, OH 45003

    This is our annual outdoor Court of Honor where we grill burgers and hot dogs, and everyone brings a side or dessert to share. This is held at the outdoor sanctuary behind Lord of Life church, weather permitting. If the weather is bad, we just move inside, so please save this date. Signups should be the total number for the whole family, including scouts. Please also indicate what you plan to bring. We often have extended family attend this Court of Honor as well.

    August 28th - August, 28th (Sunday - Sunday)
    Family Cookout Court of Honor
    Lord of Life
    6329 Tylersville Rd
    West Chester, OH

    This is always one of our most popular campouts. No climbing experience is required. They have courses for all skill levels, and no one should avoid this for fear of heights or thinking they’re too small or too young. Everyone can do it, and the experienced folks will be there to help. There are two signup sheets for this activity, due to a limited number of spots. Make sure you sign on the notebook paper as well as the regular signup sheet. The notebook paper determines what order signups occurred, in case we have to turn away anyone. The first 45 names get the 45 spots.

    September 9th - September, 11th (Friday - Sunday)
    Via Ferrata Climbing Campout
    Torrent Falls
    1617 North KY 11
    Campton, KY 41301

    This is a council campout that is held every two years. There are thousands of scouts from all over the midwest that come and participate in fun games and activities. There are also vendor booths and emergency response personnel available. It’s a great experience. The price increases after August 5, so signup soon. We will have Webelos camping with us for this campout too.

    October 7th - October, 9th (Friday - Sunday)
    Camp Lower Craig (Cub World)
    6035 Price Road