Fund Raising

Kroger Cards

Since we started the program in October of 2008, we’ve obtained over $15,500.15. from using the Kroger cards. It’s a great opportunity to add money to your son’s account, to be used for paying camping fees, dues, and other Scout-related expenses.  Please see Mrs. Carpenter at a Troop Meeting if you’d like to purchase gift cards for a dollar.

Troop 947 and Kroger Community Reward Program

Friends of Scouting

Thanks to all the families who participated in Friends of Scouting; in 2011  our troop raised $2215.  The funds we raise go to our local Dan Beard Council and help support local Camps like Camp Friedlander and Cub World as well as, over 100,000 hours of community service projects in Cincinnati.

2011 Contribution:  $2215
2010 Contribution:  $2280
2009 Contribution: $2359