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Welcome to the Online Home for BSA Troop 947

Thank you for stopping by! This Web Site is intended for use by the Parents and Scouts of Boy Scout Troop 947 located in West Chester, Ohio. Here you can find Troop event information, necessary forms, contact information, pictures, and so much more. Be sure to bookmark this site for future use!

Objectives of Boy Scouts

Through the Scout Oath and Law the following objectives are met.

  • Strengthening Character
  • Personal Fitness
  • Good Citizenship

Troop 947s Mission Statement

Provide the community with a program for boys that influences the development of good character, encourages spiritual growth, develops a high degree of self-reliance, and prepares them to participate in and give leadership to American society.

Troop 947s Approach

Troop 947 focuses on a well rounded program led by experienced scouts within the troop. The Patrol Leader Council, chaired by the Senior Patrol Leader, develops a plan of activities that will provide the troop members a fun way to meet the troop mission statement. The PLC is guided by the Scoutmaster and the activity plan is reviewed and approved by the Adult Troop Committee. Execution of the approved plan by the troop members provides opportunities to build scouting and leadership skills preparing the boys for rank advancement and increased responsibility. Adult leadership provides the troop with guidance and support in a way that allows the boys to feel ownership and growth with the benefit of a solid safety net beneath them.

Chartering Organization

Troop 947 is chartered by Lord of Life Lutheran Church in West Chester, Ohio.

Troop Overview

Please read our Troop 947 Fact Sheet to understand our purpose & goals.

Weekly Troop Meetings

Weekly Troop Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:00pm at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 6329 Tylersville Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069

Parents/Guardians of boys in Troop 947 are always welcome to attend.

Events and Activities

Camping Trip and other outdoor activities are generally scheduled for the 3rd weekend of every month.

Patrol Leader Council (PLC) Meetings

PLC Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at Lord of Life Lutheran Church (one hour before the regular troop meeting). All leaders should attend and help plan upcoming events.

Troop Committee Meetings

Most Troop Committee Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Check the Troop Calendar for details.

Parents/Guardians of boys in Troop 947 are always welcome to attend.

Adult Leadership

Please see the contact us page if you’d like to reach someone on the Troop Committee.