General Information


Each Boy Scout Troop is governed by a set of rules established by the troop, troop leaders, Adult Troop Committee and Boy Scout Council (Dan Beard Council – Tri-State Area).  The troop is run by a Sr. Patrol Leader elected by the scouts, and Patrol Leaders elected by the members of the patrols.  Patrols are typically made up of 7-10 scouts of roughly the same age.  The current list of all members in Troop 947, the scout leaders and the Adult Troop Committee members is given in Tab 2.

In addition, there are other elected positions in the troop, such as Assistant Sr. Patrol Leader, Scribe, Librarian, Historian, Quartermaster, Bugler, Chaplain Aide, Instructor, Troop Guide and Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster.  A more complete list and the requirements to be able to hold those positions are given in the Rank Advancement Tab 4, under Leadership Positions.  Elections are held every 6 months and scouts may not hold the same position for two terms in a row.  They are encouraged to hold different positions for the betterment of both the troop and the scout.

The national Boy Scout website is located at
The local Dan Beard Council website is located at
The Troop 947 website is located at


The scout leaders and Adult Troop Committee make a plan of events and campouts for the year.  Usually there is one camping trip or extra activity/outing a month, in addition to the weekly troop meetings.  For the campouts, the scouts plan the food menu, purchase the food, pack the gear, cook the food, and set up all shelters on campouts.  Examples of the extra activities are caving, canoeing and YMCA lock-ins.  The troop also attends a week long summer Boy Scout Camp, typically in June and July.  A group of the older scouts will attend a High Adventure (Philmont, Sea Base and Northern Tier).  See Tab 3 for more details.

The campouts and other activities provide growth opportunities for the scouts.  Participation in as many of the events as possible is encouraged.  Many of these activities are also important for earning scout rank advancement or merit badges.  The advancement and merit badge processes are described in Tab 4.

Fees for the scouting activities are typically very low.  For example, a weekend of camping may have a $5-10 charge for food.  Special outings, such as caving would have fees as charged by the facility defined on the sign-up sheet.  Each scout has an account with the troop, where money earned from events such as popcorn sales, Kroger cards is deposited.  Money in the account may be used for payment of dues or activity fees.

Membership Fees

For transferring Webelos, the fee is $1.00.  A Boy Scout Registration Form is also needed when initially joining the Troop.  After that, Boy Scout membership is on an annual basis, beginning with the re-charter date of January 1 each year.  The re-chartering fee is $16.75 (which includes insurance), payable in the Fall when notified by the Troop.  The Boy Scout Magazine, “Boy’s Life”, is recommended and is $12.00 per year.

Adult re-chartering fee is $16.75 (which includes insurance),  An Adult Registration Form is needed when initially joining.  Adults who want to participate in Troop Committee elections or hold a position on the Troop Committee must be registered.

New Boy Scouts and adults joining the troop at other times of the year will receive a pro-rated charge for the membership fee and the scout magazine.


Dues are used to help support troop activities.  Funds will be made available with the approval of the Adult Troop Committee.  Dues are $5.00 per month.  They are collected at the first troop meeting each month.  Pre-payment for longer periods of time is acceptable.  Payment by a check, made out to Troop 947, is preferred.  Dues are given to the Troop Treasurer for deposit.  They are not refundable.

Scouts that are behind in payment (on a quarterly basis) will be notified in writing and any balance in their account will be used to bring it up-to-date.  Scouts must be current with payments prior to each Court of Honor.  Awards will not be given if a scout is not current on all dues and fees.

Note: Scouting should not be a financial burden.  If there is any financial issue, please talk to the Committee Chairman (Tom Moore) or Scoutmaster (Dan Weiss).  All discussions are kept confidential.

Boy Scout Uniform

The Class A Boy Scout uniform for scouts under the rank of Second Class (Scout and Tenderfoot) includes the following:

– Short or long sleeve tan uniform shirt
– Red shoulder epaulets
– Dan Bead Council patch
– 947 unit numbers
– World Scout Crest emblem
– Patrol emblem
– Boy Scout neckerchief (black on red)
– Neckerchief slide (any appropriate style)
– All applicable patches, emblems and badges for rank and position

The Class A Boy Scout uniform for scouts of Second Class rank or higher includes those items listed on the preceding page plus:

– Green scout belt
– Green scout uniform shorts or pants
– Boy Scout uniform socks
– Boy Scout hat (not allowed to be worn in the church)

The Boy Scout Handbook (inside the front and back cover) shows the proper location for the emblems, patches and troop numbers.

All items can be picked up at either of the Cincinnati area Boy Scout stores:

Dan Beard Scout Shop
10078 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45241
Hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8:30 am to 8:00 pm   Wednesday
9:00 am to 3:00 pm   Saturday
Closed Sunday

Maps are included in Tab 7.

Each scout must attend each Boy Scout meeting or function in uniform. Other events where the Class A uniform is required are:
a. Boards of Review
b. Travel to and from scouting events, including campouts
c. Courts of Honor
d. Ceremonial events
Scouts will be notified if there are other events requiring a Class A uniform.

A Class B uniform consists of clothing items displaying Scouting logos and ideals, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts.  These are used at scout campouts once at the campsite and for other events where the troop leaders specifically notify the scouts that a Class B uniform is allowed.  Occasionally, the troop will have available for sale red T-shirts or sweatshirts with Troop 947 information lettered in black.  These are acceptable as a Class B uniform.  Other scout related clothing items can be purchased through the Boy Scout Stores and at some of the scout camping areas/events.

Any scout needing help in acquiring a uniform should speak to the Scoutmaster.  There are some items that get recycled within the troop as they are outgrown.

Scout Handbook and Troop Notebook

The scout is required to bring his Boy Scout Handbook and red troop notebook to each meeting.  The Boy Scout Handbook, and if desired a black protective cover, can be obtained at the Boy Scout stores.  Troop 947 creates a troop notebook for each scout at a cost of $5.00.  The notebook is designed to help the scout organize all his papers about troop or patrol events and his personal scout activity records.

Meeting Dates and Location

Troop 947 holds scout meetings every Wednesday evening, with the exception of holidays.  The meetings are held at Lord of Life Lutheran Church on Tylersville Road, about a block east of West Chester-Lesourdesville Road.  The meetings start promptly at 7:00 p.m. and end promptly at 8:30 p.m.

For safety reasons, parents are required to come into the meeting place in order to pick up the scout at the end of the meeting.  Scouts are not allowed to wait in the parking lot.

Expectations of Scouts in Troop 947

1.  Demonstrate effort toward achievement of rank and/or merit badges.  Support is available from the troop to help you in achieving your scouting goals.

2.  Participate regularly in troop/patrol meetings and other activities, such as campouts or special events/outings.

3.  Conduct yourself so as to be a credit to yourself, your patrol, your troop and your family.

4.  Keep dues and other financial obligations current.

Expectations of Parents of Scouts in Troop 947

1.  Parents are welcome to attend all Boy Scout meetings.

2.  Parents are encouraged to attend all Adult Troop Committee meetings held the third Sunday of each month.  The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and are held at Lord of Life Lutheran Church.

3.  One parent of each scout is expected to volunteer for a job with the Adult Troop Committee.  See the Troop Committee Chairperson for ideas.  Some jobs are large and some are small.  One can be found that suits your time availability.

Parents are a vital part of scouting.  Please take an active role in your son’s life!

Troop 947 Discipline Policy

The Troop Committee has adopted a discipline policy for use when required.  Experience has shown that the need to enforce this discipline policy has been rare within Troop 947.  If a serious discipline problem were to arise it would be reviewed by the Scoutmaster, with input from the Patrol Leaders Council and the Adult Troop Committee, on a case by case basis.

Unacceptable Behavior
destruction of property
abusive language
violation of a specific portion of the Scout Law
miscellaneous infraction

When a registered adult leader notices a scout exhibiting any of the above unacceptable behaviors, they must notify the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster immediately.