Troop Library


The troop library can be viewed using MS Excel. Click the link below to open the library index in a new window.

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Merit badge pamphlets are available for each merit badge and provide all the background information a Scout and the Merit Badge counselor need to achieve the requirements. Check with the Troop Librarian to see if the pamphlet you need is current and in the library. If it is not, you can purchase them from the Scout Shop and donate them to the Troop Library when your finished with the merit badge.

Boy Scout Requirements Handbook

The definitive requirements are always in the Boy Scout Requirements Handbook, for the current calendar year. This paperback handbook is published, by BSA, each February, and contains the current requirements for all ranks and merit badges. It costs less than five dollars. The toll-free phone number for ordering through the BSA National Supply Division is 1-800-323-0732, or you can order on-line at

The front inside cover is helpful because it details rank requirement changes, a listing of the badges that have had revised requirements, and any new merit badges. The back cover is helpful because it gives a listing of all the latest revision dates for all the merit badge pamphlets. If you are purchasing a merit badge pamphlet, please be sure to check the copyright and printing date inside the cover to make sure it is the most recent one.

Financial Assistance

If purchasing the book(s) you need causes financial hardship, just ask the Troop Librarian to see if he can order the merit badge pamphlet(s) for you.

Completing Your Merit Badge Requirements

It is the requirements which are in place when the merit badge is completed, that must be satisfied. If the merit badge pamphlet copyright (notice this might be different from the printing date) is up to date, the requirements will usually be up to date. For example, last year, 30 badges had requirements which were updated, but only six had the merit badge pamphlets updated. Once again, the Boy Scout Requirements Handbook would have the proper requirements.

Additional Resources

Other excellent sources are and These are superb sites which have list requirements for all the merit badges (though it may not always be up-to-date). The cool thing about this site is the worksheets for some merit badges to help focus the activities.